Los Angeles | One on One With Fashion Designer Anna Chitayat

The Satin Plum recently had the opportunity to learn more about fashion clothing and accessory designer Anna Chitayat. Here is her story: 
Seven years after deciding to pursue her dream, Anna Chitayat currently resides in the Los Angeles area and has happily been designing fashion clothing and jewelry/accessories since. 
“My biggest accomplishment as a designer is that I’m able to do what I love and be appreciated for it. Designing gives me the ability to create something beautiful and share it with the world.”
“Is there anything I dislike about designing? Absolutely nothing!” 
Born in Israel, she learned the learned the craft of design on her own. She stated, “Art and fashion have always been a part of my life. I design the old fashioned way. My artistic inspirations are the experiences of my life, the different countries I lived in, and the cultures I have been a part of. My very first piece was a dress that I named the Anna Dress – open back, sexy, and elegant.”

As far as design and fabric selection are are concerned, she stated, “What matters to me the most is that my buyers feel a sense of inner-confidence. I love to explore different markets when shopping for fabrics. I love silk, and I also love different cotton blends. Silk is just so very feminine and sexy, and cotton is relaxed and easy to wear.”
When out shopping for herself, she likes to explore the small neighborhood boutiques for interesting and emerging designers. A huge Roberto Cavalli fan, Anna frequently attends industry events including Los Angeles Fashion Market and New York Fashion Week. 
Current projects include a lounge wear line for her Couture Junky label that will be available this summer and a new dress collection for her Anna Chitayat line will be available by Holiday and Resort 2011. Her current collection, which includes the gorgeous Silk Animal Print Kaftan pictured above, are available direct via info@annachitayat.com, or at www.noblivity.com and www.mudsharkstreetwear.com.
Having the opportunity to ask a true artist who is at peace with herself and career if she had any wisdom to pass along to aspiring designers, she replied, “Fashion, to me, is an expression of who you are. Follow your heart and your imagination, not the current trend.”
The Satin Plum kindly thanks Anna for sharing her valuable time. For additional information, please visit her Facebook page.

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